Jamie Bancod

Managing Partner

Ms. Jamie Bancod, the Managing Partner of the firm, leads our Conveyancing and Estate division with over a decade of exemplary expertise in the field. Her comprehensive knowledge of conveyancing, subdivision, and estate matters renders her an indispensable resource for our valued clients.

Assisting Ms. Bancod in her role as a Solicitor is Tanya Sinh, a diligent and promising lawyer eager to learn and contribute. Under Ms. Bancod’s guidance, Tanya provides invaluable support, offering legal insights and assistance tailored to our clients’ needs.

Meanwhile, Ronita Jeet-Singh, our esteemed Practice Manager, extends her support not only to Ms. Bancod and Tanya but also to the firm as a whole. With her extensive experience in conveyancing and estate affairs, Ronita ensures smooth operations and provides expertise that enriches every aspect of our service delivery.

Together, Ms. Bancod, Tanya, and Ronita form a formidable trio dedicated to meeting our clients’ conveyancing, subdivision, and estate needs with unparalleled professionalism and care. Their collaborative efforts underpin the efficiency and effectiveness of our division, offering clients the assurance and peace of mind they deserve as they navigate property transactions.

Tanya Sinh



Ronita Jeet-Singh

Practice manager