Mark J Anthony


Enter Mark J Anthony, a seasoned advocate revered for his prowess in criminal defense and employment law, celebrated for a decade of delivering top-tier legal representation. At the helm of Millbrook Hills Law Partners’ Criminal Defense, Family and Employment division, Mark’s leadership embodies a blend of astute advocacy and unwavering dedication to client success.
Alongside him strides Robert Bancod Jr, a versatile professional whose diverse background enriches their collaborative synergy. With Mark’s guidance, Robert seamlessly integrates his varied skills, amplifying the team’s capacity to provide comprehensive legal support. In addition to their adept handling of criminal defense and employment law, Mark and Robert extend their proficiency to family law, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting clients’ diverse needs. This dynamic duo navigates legal complexities with finesse, propelled by a shared commitment to excellence and justice.
Supported by adept legal executives Laisa Kautoga and Dodi Kutty, Mark and Robert orchestrate seamless operations within the division, ensuring every client receives unparalleled representation and favorable outcomes.
In the vibrant realm of Millbrook Hills Law Partners, innovation thrives alongside tradition, setting new benchmarks for legal excellence under Mark’s leadership and the collaborative efforts of their esteemed team.

Robert Bancod Jr


Laisa Kautoga

Legal Executive

Dodi Kutty

Legal Executive