Mark J Anthony


Mark J Anthony is an esteemed criminal defense and employment lawyer with an impressive track record in the field. With a decade of experience under his belt, he has honed his skills and expertise to provide top-notch legal representation to his clients. As a leading figure in the Criminal Defense and Employment division at Millbrook Hills Law Partners, Mark is recognized for his exceptional advocacy and dedication to his clients.

Working alongside him is Robert Bancod Jr, a solicitor with a budding career who assists in this division. Although Robert has limited experience, he benefits from Mark’s mentorship and guidance, contributing his knowledge and skills to the team. Their collaboration ensures comprehensive and effective legal support to clients in need.

In addition to the lawyers, the Criminal Defense and Employment division is supported by Laisa Kautoga and Dodi Kutty, who serve as valuable legal executives. Their expertise and assistance enable the lawyers to efficiently manage cases, conduct research, and provide the necessary administrative support.

Together, this dynamic team at Millbrook Hills Law Partners is dedicated to upholding the rights of their clients, providing excellent legal representation, and achieving favorable outcomes in criminal defense and employment cases.

Robert Bancod Jr


Laisa Kautoga

Legal Executive

Dodi Kutty

Legal Executive