Vikrant Chandra


Vikrant Chandra is an accomplished General Litigation and Commercial Lawyer with a stellar track record, having successfully practiced law for over 10 years. As the head of the General Litigation and Commercial Division at Millbrook Hills Law Partners, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm. Vikrant specializes in handling a wide range of litigation cases, including civil and corporate matters. His exceptional advocacy skills and comprehensive understanding of legal procedures make him a formidable advocate for his clients.

Assisting Vikrant in the General Litigation and Commercial Division are Viliame Lagonilakeba and Micheal Arun, both experienced associates. Viliame possesses 4 years of expertise in civil litigation and family law, providing valuable insights and effective representation to clients. Micheal brings 3 years of experience in civil, contract, and corporate litigation, offering sound legal advice and strategic solutions.

Vinil Swamy, a skilled solicitor, lends his expertise to the division with 2 years of experience, particularly in assisting with legal matters related to contracts and corporate disputes. Supporting the lawyers in this division are Laisa Kautoga and Dodi Kutty, competent legal executives who provide essential administrative and research support.

Together, this cohesive team in the General Litigation and Commercial division of Millbrook Hills Law Partners ensures that clients receive exceptional legal services, personalized attention, and dedicated representation in their legal matters.

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Viliame Lagonilakeba


Micheal Arun


Vinil Swamy


Laisa Kautoga

Legal Executive

Dodi Kutty

Legal Clerk