Millbrook Hills Law Partners exemplify the epitome of a cohesive and proficient legal team. Led by a cadre of seasoned partners, this firm combines a wealth of experience and a diverse range of legal skills to deliver top-notch services to their clients.

The firm’s cohesiveness is evident in their ability to work seamlessly as a unit. The partners, each with their unique legal specializations, complement one another, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and well-rounded counsel. 

This diversity in skill sets not only offers clients a one-stop solution for their legal needs but also fosters a collaborative atmosphere within the team. The partners pool their knowledge and insights, leading to innovative legal strategies and robust problem-solving.

Furthermore, the experienced leadership provided by the partners sets a high standard for the entire team. Their mentorship ensures that associates and junior attorneys are well-prepared to handle complex cases with confidence. Clients can rest assured that their legal matters are in capable hands with Millbrook Hills Law Partners, benefiting from the firm’s collective expertise, cohesion, and exemplary teamwork.

Jamie Bancod

Managing Partner

Conveyancing & Estate Law Division

Mark J. Anthony


Criminal & Employment Law Division


Viliame Lagonilakeba


Micheal Arun


Robert Bancod Jr


Vinil Swamy


Pradeep Chandra

Office Manager

Ronita Jeet-Singh

Legal Manager

Ashika Kumar

Accounts Manager

Laisa Kautoga

Legal Executive

Rosalia Tui

Legal Secretary

Dodi Kutty

Legal Clerk