Robert joined Millbrook Hills with one thought in mind- to be a lawyer. Robert joined as a clerk in the Ba Office in 2017 and worked up his way to his current position, Legal Executive. On the verge of completing his LLB at the end of 2021, Robert will soon join the ranks of lawyers at Millbrook Hills in 2022.

Robert has a passion for marketing and spent about 4 years as Area Sales Executive and later became Senior Area Sales Manager in two prominent companies in the Philippines, Invida Philippines and Raptakos Brett Philippines respectively. He then moved to Fiji and joined prominent companies as their Sales and Marketing Manager prior to joining Millbrook Hills.

Robert is the liaison between Millbrook Hills and Government Departments and the Judiciary and ensures that all exchange of documents, filing and release of legal documents are done as efficiently as possible. Robert also does legal research at Millbrook Hills and assists the lawyers in their legal work.

Robert is a funny character with a very bright and loud personality. He loves to cook , spend time with his family and travel.